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History and reason for this page
The Almost Complete Discography page was started because as a collector I couldn't find neccesery information about every possible release there is from Iron Maiden. First I must say I'm not trying to compete with Trooper Sounds and I truly appreciate the work Chris has done. He has listed the rare stuff that is out there and Trooper Sounds has been a huge source of information for me and has surely earned it's place on my credits page. Then I have to mention one book, Iron Maiden Companion which has listed rare and common stuff that's out there but in the book there was little detail mistakes and it also missed quite a lot of stuff. Hell, I even found from my collection records, that wasn't listed. Still I recommend the book for every Maiden fanatic and you can find a link to buy it on my credits page. Third corner stone was my own collection and hundreds of hours spent on the net searching through tons of web-sites featuring usefull information. My job was to put all that together and so The Almost Complete Discography page begun it's life. This is an endless job 'cause new releases come to my attension almost every day. Now you know reason for the title Almost Complete.

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What's New
Jun 24th : Updated Stranger In A Strange Land, The Clairvoyant, Holy Smoke and OOTSP (Thanks to TomPsa and asa)
May 27th : Details added to: Women In Uniform The Number Of The Beast -single, Run To The Hills-livsingle, Stranger In A Strange Land and Somewhere In Time. (Thanks to maidendrifter, asa & rue morgue)
May 4th : Some details and alternative covers added
Mar 3rd : Maiden Hell tribute band added to links page
Feb 27th : Wasting Love updated with new covers and Canadien promo (Thanks to Maidendrifter)
Feb 25th : Links page added

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